To maintain work arranged to streamline tiring jobs.

Endless stock

Increase the endless supply of stock and modification in your POS.

Stock collections

Assort stock by class, season, publicity, and more. Automatically set stock by using innovative collections based on dealer, cost, and level of inventory.

Stock variation

Suggest your stock in many variations to increase for your clients. Increase many variants to stock for color, measurement, or fabric and refer their own cost, weight, stock, SKU.

Stock position

Work with stock positions to mark and divide the position of your stock as inventory is collected, shifted, or an order is completed.

Multiple-location stock

Build and assign stock to your multiple online deals channels, storage place, selling stores, or anywhere you have collected inventory.

Inventory arrangements

Instantly create short adjustments to your inventory levels for the imperfect stock, shopping giveaways, or remaining inventory from publicity.

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