Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Transparency is the key when it comes to personal information at dynashop. We have put up the details about the nature of data collected and the mechanisms in order to be clear about the whole process. It is advisable to go through the following in order to be better acquainted with the working mechanisms of dynashop.

The term ‘we’ or ‘us’ refers to dynashop. The term ‘you’ refers to the Account Holder or the one who is making use of the services. The term ‘End Users’ refers to the visitors or users of our users’ sites.

The company holds the right to change or add to the following list at any time. We can also alter it from time to time depending upon the technical or business developments. We will take the appropriate actions to inform you about any such development. We will also obtain your consent to any significant Privacy Policy changes

Personal Information


This privacy policy is applicable to the information dynashop acquires from you when you use :

  • Our Websites
  • Our mobile applications
  • Our other products, services or features
  • Other users website that make use of our services and products.

Data Collection

dynashop collects only that information which can be used to further improve the nature of services or to channelize the easy flow of communication among the Account holders and the company

  • Personal information like name, email address, contact information
  • Browsing data that may include the IP address, websites you frequent, page viewed, browsing history and duration, language
  • Transaction and payment information

Data Usage

Generally the information is stored for the following purposes:

  • To set up and maintain your website, we need to have certain information like email address, contact information, name etc. The same is needed to backup and restore your website, process payments, provide customer service and many other such interrelated services offered by the company.
  • To provide an improved and high quality service, by providing upgrades or by providing any such new feature that can help manage the website efficiently.
  • To provide a boost to the marketing and advertising campaigns run either by the company or the service providers.
  • To provide a solution to the existing problems through an efficient mechanism of debugging, repairing and preventing measures.
  • To provide add on services like newsletters, campaigns, surveys or any other promotional communication.
  • To provide customised offerings like notifications and advertisements, suggestions or recommendations.
  • In compliance with necessary legal obligations which helps to safeguard your rights as well as others.

Information Protection

  • Dynashop is committed to provide reasonable protection to your data and safeguard it against unauthorised access, disclosure, loss or theft through a various technical and physical measures. The security measures include firewalls, encryptions and other authorized controls.
  • You are also responsible for maintaining the security of website and services through safeguarding your account information and passwords. We are not responsible for protection of any such data shared with third party through your authorized account connections


Cookies are the small text files generally stored by dynashop and its third-party service providers, eventually helping us to recognize you, when you visit the website and provide you a personalised service.

Session and Persistent

These cookies can be session based which remain active for the duration of the session or the persistent ones which remain on your system even after you go offline.

A browser only permits a website to access the cookies it has set, not the other websites. Cookies help us to track information, analyse browsing preferences and provide you an improved and customised browsing experience.


Provided the fact that disabling certain cookies can directly impact your ability to use the website, you can disable cookies through your browser or even device settings. The method of disabling or enabling cookies varies for every device and browser and can be preferably be found in preference and security settings. For more detailed information, you can check the cookies policy and information of your respective browser.

Types of Cookies


These are the cookies which are extremely necessary for the correct operation of the website.


dynashop uses cookies or similar technology which provides statistical inputs regarding the site performance. It helps us to evaluate and improve the content of its site, tools, applications or services


These are the cookies which enable enhanced functionality like videos and chats. Disabling them can lead to problems in certain functions.

Advertising and Targeting

To provide a customised and enhanced experience, dynashop makes use of some cookies to create profiles based on your IP address and browsing data.

Third Party Application stores

Third party application stores like Google Play Store or Apple App store share some additional information with us. Please visit their website to get a better understanding of the process of collection of any data and sharing with other publishers like us.

Your Rights and Choices

You have complete control over your data, you can choose to change, update or delete your personal information. The same can be done through logging into your account or by writing to us at to register the required changes. After an initial identification request (failing which will result in request decline), we will be able to make the changes.

You can also elect to not receive any promotional services or material from us by simply unsubscribing for the same or by changing the preferences in your account.

Relationship with End Users

You are here to do the business, for which you are required to collect information about the End Users who need your products and services.You might need to collect and analyse End users’ personal information like names, email addresses, payment details, browsing history. You will be solely responsible for compliance with the laws and regulations that would apply to your collection of data

For any further queries related to your data protection or any privacy policy, feel free to write us at

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